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Sunday Sailing
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SB 20 Midland Championships 2014

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Welcome to Lough Ree Yacht Club
N 53 27'11" W 7 57'41", Loc8Code MZ9-90-7RJ

Lough Ree Yacht Club was founded in 1770 and is the second oldest sailing club in the world. The club has active fleets of Shannon One Designs, Cruisers, Mirrors, and Optimists with racing going on most weekends in one or more classes. If you have any questions or wish to post an ad, please mail
The Junior Sailing Summer Camps will take place from July 6 to July 24, the camps are all two weeks except the Improving Skills Course and Go Racing 1/ABH which are 3 weeks. To apply, please download and read the 2015 Informations and Conditions document, and fill in and post (not email) the JSSC Application Form 2015 to the address on the form.
Senior Instructor, Adventure 1/Go Racing 1/ABH Instructors & Helpers required for the LRYC 2015 ISA Junior Sailing Course, to be held during the month of July at the Club. To apply, please download and fill in Helper Application Form 2015 or Instructor Application Form 2015 Successful applicants must note that they will be expected to be available for Race Management and Rescue throughout the calendar.

LRYC Harbour Panorama
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LRYC Calendar of Events

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Event StartEvent EndTitle
02/05/2015 09:00 04/05/2015 17:00 SOD Lough Corrib Regatta
02/05/2015 14:30 02/05/2015 18:00 Cruiser Class Long Distance Race
03/05/2015 12:30 03/05/2015 17:00 Cruiser Class Quaker Island Trophy
04/05/2015 12:30 04/05/2015 17:00 Cruiser Class Harry Donegan Memorial Trophy
06/05/2015 19:00 24/06/2015 16:00 Recurring Event: until 06/05/2015 (total 1 events) Wednesday Evening Racing
09/05/2015 14:30 10/05/2015 17:00 Cruiser Class Chatterton Cup
16/05/2015 09:00 17/05/2015 16:00 Mayfly Regatta
16/05/2015 10:00 17/05/2015 16:30 Big Yellow Regatta
16/05/2015 14:30 17/05/2015 17:00 Cruiser Class Chatterton Cup
30/05/2015 10:00 31/05/2015 17:00 Webb Weekend
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RNLI Yacht Sailing in Ireland survey by LRYC Admin
RNLI has commissioned a company to undertake new research with yacht sailors in Ireland. This is to understand their approach to yacht sailing and their approach to safety. The research is in partnership with the ISA and supported by a range of other organisations including the Cruising Association of Ireland and the Irish Cruising Club. To participate, please fill in the online survey which is at: 
Junior Open Day by LRYC Admin
Junior Open Day

ISA News

Flying Phantom Catamaran 'Shows The Future of Sailing' – Red Bull by LRYC Admin
Proponents say the Flying Phantom catamaran is quite arguably the future of sailing. It's a two-person vessel powered by the wind and a unique hydrofoil…
Cannonball Trophy Welcomes UK & Dutch Dragon Sailors To Dublin Bay by LRYC Admin
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