Junior Sailing Summer Camps


The LRYC ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camp (JSSC) for children aged 7-17yrs takes place this summer from Monday 6th July to Friday 24th July 2015 in its fabulous location on the shores of Lough Ree. The LRYC ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camp (JSSC) is ISA certified training courses run by ISA qualified Instructors who follow the relevant national syllabi, ISA Young Sailors Scheme (YSS) & the ISA Small Boat Sailing Scheme (SBSS) and lots more!

This summer camp is designed primarily to teach children the life-skill of sailing in a safe, supervised environment. Every day from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, a whole new world of experiences is opened up for them as ISA qualified instructors gently and patiently explain the mysteries of the water and the wind and how best to use them together to command their boat. The theory that is taught onshore is put into practise on the water and with that comes knowledge, ability and camaraderie with other children that builds over 2 weeks.

As children grow in knowledge and skill they also grow in confidence and pride in themselves as they become more proficient and ‘master of their ship’. They’re outdoors, in the fresh air, socialising and learning with other children, a skill that will last a lifetime. It is a thrilling and exciting experience that can give your children memories for life as they develop a love for and confidence in, the water.

Our most popular summer camp is the one for the younger water babes (7 – 10 yrs.). This summer camp, running from July 9 – July 20 (over 10 half-days for the 7&8 yr. olds) provides a fabulous, gentle introduction to sailing as part of a wider syllabus, which aims to give general water knowledge. Divided into the different age groups Otters (Age 7), Seals (Age 8), Dolphins (Age 9) and Orcas (Age 10) and under the headings Safety and Seamanship, Environment and Sailing Skills the children learn age –appropriate sailing skills, water safety and environmental facts.

The Otters (7yrs) & Seals (8yrs) summer camps are run over 10 half-days which depending on the numbers, will be run in the mornings and afternoons. These children do not need a boat, as they will not be sailing on their own at any time. The aim of these camps is to ensure the water frightens no one but to enjoy it while feeling safe and secure.       

Typical activities for Otters are: Describe where/when and why you must wear a buoyancy aid, tie a figure of 8 knot, identify which way the wind is blowing, assist with rigging a boat, steer a boat, identify one species of fresh water mammal, bird & fish, paddle a boat etc.

Typical activities for Seals are: With your buoyancy aid on, be able to circle a capsized boat and hold on all the time, name the main parts of your boat, sail with crew, measure wave height, paddle a boat in a straight line, build an anemometer to measure wind speed, coil a rope etc.

Typical activities for Dolphins are: Describe the different points of sailing, tie a clove hitch and a bowline, throw a lifebuoy, care for someone who is cold, estimate the wind speed in knots, build a barometer, Rig your boat with assistance, secure boat to trolley and move it around, right a capsized boat etc.

Typical activities for Orcas are: Rig your boat for the conditions, apply the ‘5 essentials’ of sailing, right an inverted boat, recover a man overboard, tie a fisherman’s bend, throw a line, obtain a weather forecast and predict weather in your area, row around a triangle and come alongside, identify and differentiate mammals, birds, fish, and other invertebrates etc. 

Equally popular are our beginner sailing camps for children who are slightly older aged 11-17 years.
The following LRYC ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camps 2012 will be run this summer for Juniors aged 11-17 : Start Sailing, Basic Skills, Improving Skills, Advanced Boat Handling (ABH) & Go Racing 2 (GR2).

Start Sailing

By the end of this course sailors will be sailing in light wind conditions with assistance from their instructor. It is their first formal sailing course. This summer camp runs from July 9 – July 20.

Basic Skills

By the end of this course sailors will be sailing on their own in light wind conditions without assistance from their instructor. This means that at the end of this course they will be capable of rigging, launching, sailing and recovering their boat in light conditions without any assistance. It is important that as well as having the skills; they understand the circumstances in which it would be safe to do this.                

For the more advanced sailors whose sailing courses begin on June 25 & July 2, the emphasis is on achievement of further sailing skills and confidence building leading to competing on the national racing circuit, cruising the lakes and beyond and qualifying as ISA instructors to teach sailing worldwide. Former course participants have gone on to teach sailing in Ireland, USA, Bahamas, France and Malta during their college years and others now have careers in the marine industry at home and abroad.

To facilitate this, we are stepping up another level this summer and have a Club Racing Coach delivering the advanced Go Racing 2 (GR2) course to prepare our most experienced sailors for the Mirror Worlds which will be held in July 2013 in Lough Derg Yacht Club (LDYC) in Co. Tipperary. 

Our Advanced Boat Handling course begins on July 2 & prepares sailors to be expert in diverse double-handled boats such as Fevas, Mirrors & Picos.

Its not just about sailing, it IS a summer camp! There’s rope handling, have lunch on an island, take a trip on a RIB or a Cruiser, eat a BBQ’ed burger. Don’t miss the ‘Jack Sparrow’ treasure hunt, the fancy dress competition  & how to make an anemometer to measure wind speed! If you’re interested in racing, Wednesday night is competition night. Friday morning sees the ‘design-a cake’ competition, where the sailors present a cake designed with a nautical theme (expect a late night Mum & Dad!) for judging by the Instructors. Design & Taste are their parameters!

Sailing is a lifetime sport! There is no retirement age unlike many other sports. And, it’s a sport in which THE ENTIRE FAMILY can participate. It means quality time for all the family and it could be the sport in which your child shines and Mum & Dad are there to see it.

You may change their life – the sound of the halyards slapping off a mast or the wind whistling round a burgee are memories for life and once heard, while in the ultimate environment of LRYC JSSC, can transport one back for years to come. They are sounds not easily forgotten.

 Responsible ISA qualified young adults, all who have grown up in this environment every summer and who love it, run LRYC JSSC. They will provide wonderful memories for your children that will stay with them for the future.

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Enquiries on any of the summer camps email or phone:
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