Double Ree

Double Ree Notice Of Race CLICK HERE

1 Declaration

Rules of the Regatta

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined by The Racing Rules of Sailing.
1.2 The prescriptions of the Irish National Authority (Irish Sailing) will apply.
1.3 All relevant class rules will apply.
1.4 These Rules are contingent upon Covid-19, Govt., I.S. and L.R.Y.C. Rules and Guidelines in place at the time of the regatta.

2 Boat to Enter Helm



Sail No

Boat Name (If applicable)

Spinnaker Colour (may be changed at registration)


3 Fleet
4 Saturday Meal €20 Main course
-Lasagne with salad and baby potatoes.
-Vegetarian quiche.
-Chocolate brownies and cream.

5 Additional Requests
If you have any additional requests, please enter here and we will endeavour, at the regatta committee's absolute discretion, to fulfill the request if practical/possible.

6 Summary
Please check that all items needed have been selected correctly. For more information contact


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