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2 Courses & Dates

LRYC Junior Sailing Courses still available

Level Age Time Duration Dates
Cara Na Mara - Seals Morning 8 1/2 Day 2 weeks 3rd to 14th

3Boat Hire If your child does not have a boat, the Club may have some available for rent for the duration of the course, where a child has done a course before, we advise Parents consider buying a second hand dinghy. They can be picked up reasonably with a good return when you sell on, we can try and point you in the right direction.
All children from Dolphins Level up will require access to a boat for the duration of their course. Double handed boats can only be shared with sailors taking the same Sailing Module. Booking this course does not confirm availability of Club boats. The following Application Form needs to be submitted Ciara Ahern at juniorsailingcourse@outlook.com
Boat Type Rental Fee Damage Deposit
Optimist €100 per week €100 total
Pico €125 per week €250 total
Feva €125 per week €250 total
Bahia €175 per week €250 total
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5 Additional Requests

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6 Parental Assistance Parental Assistance for Shore Duty see item 7 of Conditions All parents who have a child participating in the JSC must be available for at least 1 slot as a Shore Parent during the weeks your child is attending the JSC. If you have 2 children on JSC, 2 slots. A slot is measured as being on shore EITHER from 9.30am until after the lunch break 1.30pm, OR from the beginning of the lunch break 12.30pm until approx. 4.30pm. We will endeavour to allocate shore duty slots according to your preferred times however this may not always be possible."

Slot 1

8 Terms & Conditions


  • I have read the LRYC SI JUNIOR SAILING COURSE INFORMATION & CONDITIONS on the LRYC website www.lryc.ie and accept the LRYC SI JUNIOR SAILING COURSE INFORMATION & CONDITIONS governing this Application. I wish to enrol the Junior Members named in this Application Form for sailing instruction on the LRYC Junior Sailing Course (JSC) 2023.
  • I agree to abide by all of the decisions of the Committees in matters relating to the JSC.
  • I am willing to assist with Junior Affairs and will attend the parents’ meeting in the Clubhouse at 9.30am on Monday July 20th when my child commences the Junior Sailing Course.
  • I understand that my child/children will sail under ISAF rules, the prescriptions of SI, the Sailing Instructions of LRYC and the appropriate Class Regulations.
  • I understand and accept that attending a JSC does not guarantee a sailor will achieve their level.
  • I understand this year’s course will be almost completely outdoors, therefore in the case where activity is not possible due to bad weather or other conditions, participants may not be allowed to remain on-site. I will be available to collect my child/children from the course at reasonable notice.
  • In the event of illness, having parental responsibility for above named child/children, I give permission for medical treatment to be administered, where considered necessary, by a first aider, or by suitably qualified medical practitioners. If I cannot be contacted and my child should require emergency hospital treatment, I authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.
  • I have read with my child/children, for whom I am applying for a place in the Junior Sailing Course 2023, the attached Code of Conduct for Young People and we agree to abide by it.
  • LRYC has a new premises and facilities for the use of all members. I understand that all members are expected to treat the premises with respect and that any abuse of these facilities will not be tolerated by the Executive Committee. I am aware that participants in the LRYC Junior Sailing Course, who are found causing damage to Club property will be automatically suspended from the Junior Sailing Course.
  • I understand that all boats must be insured for third party liability as per the Club Rules. I confirm and declare that the Insurance to cover third party liability, min. €1,270,000 on the boat(s) listed on this application form, is in force and will remain so for the duration of the Sailing Season.
  • I HEREBY AGREE to waive any claim against Lough Ree Yacht Club, its members and servants, for any loss or damage to my property or my child’s property or for any personal injury to me or my child which may arise at any time during the LRYC Junior Sailing Course.

We feel it is important to recognise the achievements and successes of our young sailors and of the club as a whole. To allow us to do this, we would like to use photographs/videos of our Junior members in the local press and at times, on the club website, newsletter, message system, and social media.

I give permission to LRYC to take and publish photographs and / or video of my child.

Please read the Irish Sailing Code of Conduct Safe Guarding Policy

I have read and understand the ‘Irish Sailing Code of Conduct Safe Guarding Policy’

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